The Antioch Testament

By Donald Joiner
10 Digit ISBN:
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-63413-630-3
LCCN: 2015909992
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Format (pb/hc): Paperback
Pages: 374
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What happened after the most important event in Christian history?

In 2004 an American army patrol rescues a frightened group of Iraqi Christians fleeing Islamic militants. The refugees’ severely wounded leader insists on handing over a mysterious bundle only to the army chaplain. What could this bundle consist of that the dying old man had guarded it with his life?

When the bundle is opened, the chaplain finds that it contains an ancient manuscript written in an unknown language. Fearing for its safety in war-torn Iraq, he manages to have it shipped back to the States and it eventually winds up in an Eastern Orthodox monastery where linguists begin to interpret it.

What they find is absolutely astonishing: a first-century AD testimonial in Aramaic about what happened to Jesus’ apostles after the Resurrection. But time is running out. A fanatical Iraqi insurgent organization is bound and determined to retrieve or destroy the ancient manuscript before the linguists complete their work.


During the height of the Iraq War, an American army patrol rescues a small group of Iraqi Christians fleeing Islamic insurgents. These refugees have in their possession an ancient Aramaic manuscript they have guarded with their lives. When the manuscript is sent to America and translated, scholars the world over will be astonished when it is revealed to be a first century account of what actually happened to Jesus' apostles in the years after the Resurrection; where they went  and how they died.

While the translation is in process, a fanatical group of Iraqi terrorists learns where the manuscript is located and resolves to retrieve it and return it to Iraq.


Donald Joiner, a veteran who served during the Korean War, a lifelong resident of Georgia, has been a history teacher, school principal, school system superintendent, banker, and president of a real estate appraisal firm. He is married, father of four grown children, and has four grandchildren. He has been a Sunday school teacher in his church for over thirty-five years. Throughout his working career and into retirement he has continued to be an avid student of history with a special affinity for the Apostolic era in early Christian history.

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