About Hillcrest Media Group and Seraphina Press

Hillcrest Media Group is the parent company of Seraphina Press. Formed in 2007, Seraphina Press was created with the intention of helping unknown authors gain a platform. Over the years Seraphina has acquired a wide selection of quality books from up and coming authors. Hillcrest Media Group has also grown during this time.

Since starting in 2006, Hillcrest Media Group has developed into a full-service solution for publishing, distributing and marketing books. In 2009, Hillcrest Media Group started a book printing division aimed at getting authors the best pricing on their print runs. By 2010 they were innovating in the area of eBooks. In 2012 Hillcrest Media Group built a robust admin system capable of helping thousands of authors at once through the publishing process. They are currently licensing this technology to other publishers.

Hillcrest Media Group has plans to expand in the European markets in 2014, which would further expand the options for Hillcrest Authors.

To learn more about Hillcrest Media Group, visit their website at www.hillcrestmedia.com.